School Window Cleaning

Maintaining the windows in a school is an enormous job! We have the experience and the team capable of handling any school’s windows in a timely and efficient manner. We maintain the windows of multiple schools across Melbourne and ensure that their buildings looks as good as the possibly can.

Our Service:

school window cleaner

Working inside a classroom.

As a standard service we provide:

  • Glass washed and cleaned – inside and outside.
  • Cobwebs removed from around the window
  • Window frames and sills wiped
  • Cleaning of screens and flywire mesh.
  • Removal of tape and blu-tack.
We can also customize our service to fit your requirements and budgets. Don’t hesitate to ask for extra, we are happy to help.



We understand that timing is important when it comes to maintenance of schools. The work needs to be completed in a timely manner so that the students are not disturbed. We are able to schedule the work to be completed outside of normal school hours, on the weekends or school holidays. school window cleaning

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