Window Cleaning

Our aim and passion is to leave your windows glistening and sparkling. Whether it is around your home or business, our specialty is finding the perfect way to clean your specific windows, taking care to pay attention to every last detail.

Due to our constant search for new ways to clean windows, we are able to offer services above and beyond that of your traditional window cleaner. Not only do we offer window cleaning, we are also able to clean paving, bricks, access hard to reach windows and even remove stains from glass.

Included in all jobs is free screen and window frame cleaning! We do as standard, what other window cleaners charge for!

Residential Window Cleaning

We specialise in residential window cleaning, especially multi level, hard reach windows, so we have no doubt we could service your home as well.
We are able to clean exterior & interior windows, sky lights, awnings even a glass roof if you have one.

We also take care when we clean your home, we remove our shoes, lay drop sheets and make sure we leave you house cleaner than when we came!


Commercial Window Cleaning

We are fully equipped and experience in cleaning mid level commercial buildings and factories. We understand that presenting a clean image is important for your business, so let us help you maintain that image!

We are able to organise our schedule around you in order to not impact on your working day.


Shop Front Window Cleaning

Dirty window’s deter customers. Clean, shiny glass not only looks good to customers, it lets more natural light in, brightening up your store.  We are able to keep your glass clean and make sure your store looks as good as it can.

We can customize a cleaning schedule based on your individual needs, at a frequency that best suits you.


High Access Window Cleaning

Do you have a building that is hard to reach? Can’t fit a elevated work platform down a side? Don’t want people to abseil your building?

We can help! Our water fed pole window cleaning method allows us to clean any building up to 4 stories high from the ground. This means not only is it safer, we can fit into tighter places than other window cleaners! No windows are out of reach for us!

Our system not only just cleans the windows, but wash down the frames and surround areas with pure water meaning no spots are left behind, leaving a streak-free finish.

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