Autumn is here, time to clean your gutters!

Autumn is here, time to clean your gutters!

Melbourne is coming off our wettest summer on record, I’m sure we all experienced the incredible deluge hit in early February. Melbourne for once had more water than we knew what to do with, and most of it was trying to flow down cluttered and block guttering. For those lucky, the water would eventually push past blockages and go down the drain. Unfortunately, many weren’t and the water backed up then went into the roof’s of many homes and businesses across the city.

With Autumn upon us a fresh batch of leaves and twigs are falling from deciduous trees and clogging up gutters. If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned out recently chances are they are already full. It is blocked gutters and downpipes that lead to most of the water not properly flowing from your roof and instead backing up and causing damage.

Gutter Litter

Could this be in your gutter?

Just today I was cleaning the gutters of a small inner city house that was surrounded by Elm trees. They hadn’t had the gutters cleaned in over a year and they were completely full of leaves and dirt. As you can see from the picture I pulled an amazing amount of litter from a 10m stretch of guttering. By the time I had finished the job the pile had more than doubled, I was finding large sticks, grass, dirt even pieces of slate from a neighbour’s roof.

If you’re thinking of doing them yourself, make sure you take all the proper and necessary safety precautions before even climbing a ladder. Many ladder falls result in serious injury and making sure you are working in a safe manner is as important as doing a good job. Even if you have the slightest concern doing them yourself, call a professional. They will come around and do it for you. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Hopefully this timely reminder helps you prevent any serious water damage in the next downpour. If you’re in Melbourne, do not hesitate to give us a call for a free no obligation quote. We are your Gutter Cleaning Melbourne professionals.

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  1. Cleaning gutters is dangerous work! great blog post and photos, amazing how much rubbish you find in gutters.

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