Q. Do I need to provide anything?

A. All of our staff will arrive at your property with all the necessary equipment to complete the job.

Q. Do you have insurance?

A. Yes, all of our staff are fully insured and covered. We are happy to provide a copy of insurance on request.

Q. Do I need to move furniture?

A. Whilst not necessary, it would be great if you could move any furniture that may prevent access to your windows. As a general rule we do not move furniture to prevent any chance on damage. We can work around most objects and we always use drop sheets and towels to cover carpets and furniture.

Q. Do I need to prepare my home before your arrival?

A. Generally we can work around most situations and obstacles but if the access to the window is made easier by preparing for our arrival (large bushes in front of glass) we will

Q. Who will do the work?

A. We are a family owned and operated business and we take great pride in the way we operate. You deal directly with us, and we will complete the work. We do not use sub contractors.

Q. What happens if it is raining?

A. It depends on the nature of the job. We will not do any ladder or high work if it is raining due to safety concerns. For window cleaning we will still be able to work on ground floor properties. If the weather makes it difficult to complete a job we will arrange a time to reschedule.
Q. Do you just clean the glass?

A. No. We feel that cleaning the glass is merely part of cleaning a window. We not only clean the glass, but we remove all cobwebs from the window and surrounding frames, dust the screens and wipe the sills. A window is not clean in our opinion unless the whole area is clean.

Q. How do I pay?

A. We offer a range of payment options so there is sure to be one that suits you. Payment is due upon completion of the job, we accept cash, bank transfer and cheque.

Other questions?

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here feel free to call us on 0422910153 or head over to our Contact Page and send us an email.

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