Cleaning Pool Fences and Glass Balustrade

Cleaning Pool Fences and Glass Balustrade

If you have a pool or balcony then you are certainly aware of the safety issues regarding fencing and balustrades. Glass has become a popular option when it comes to constructing safety barriers and when they are clean, they look fantastic.

Unfortunately due to their exposure to both sides of the glass to the weather, they will get dirtier faster than regular glass. Constant attention from insects, grass cuttings and leaves are all common sights on this type of glass making cleaning often more important.

We have two methods for cleaning this type of glass, one being the traditional squeegee. This is time consuming but gets great results. It requires

clean pool fence

Cleaned Pool Fence Glass

scrubbing and squeegeeing of each section of glass then wiping of the ledges and brackets.

The most cost efficient and time efficient is using our water fed pole and deionized water system. We are able to scrub and rinse the glass in one motion, and then our 100% purified water system will dry completely clear, leaving the glass spot free, clean and shining.

The other important thing to note is that pool fencing is often located close to sprinkler systems and pool chemicals, which if they are regularly exposed to cause staining or water damage on your glass. Regular cleaning helps prevent this from occurring.

If you need someone to clean you pool fence or balcony then give us a call, we are your Melbourne window cleaning professionals.

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